Don’t stop at facts, seek greater truth!

Vision Over Sight !

“If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” — Steve Harvey

All the smallest & greatest inventions & discoveries were made possible, just because someone didn’t want to stop at just the facts. He believed in something that couldn’t be proved or seen just as yet, something for which he had a clear vision for & unwavering faith towards!

Everything we see around us was first someone’s idea. Nothing exists in this world that didn’t first exist ONLY in someone’s mind.

Who would have believed that electricity exists, before Nikola Tesla, Michael Faraday & the other visionary scientists went beyond the facts & relentlessly believed & pursued their vision?

Who would have thought that humans could fly too, if it was not for the Wright Brothers & their imagination?

A real ‘Thought Leader’ is someone who dares to think transformatively! Thought is the first level of creation. Every incredible invention starts with an inspiration, an idea, a visualization. Then comes the inspired action & then comes the physical proof, which then becomes a fact!

So, I say again. Don’t let the facts stop you, deter you from creating something that has never been done before, that you have a deep inner knowing for, a slow hunch ( Daniel Kahneman ) for!

That deep inner knowing, that nagging feeling that’s telling you to act on something, that step that you know you want to take, embrace that. Don’t let people who have never done it before tell you that it can’t be done. They never tried, But try you must!

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